DAILY WRITES: 31 Days of Writing Bliss!

Created by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ


Below is the e-mail invitation the writers you refer will receive from us:


Your friend, [YOUR NAME] ([E-MAIL ADDRESS]) referred you to us as someone who might be interested to take a writing workshop by e-mail.

[YOUR NAME] is currently taking DAILY WRITES: 31 Days of Writing Bliss! for free after referring you and three other friends.

DAILY WRITES is a care/referral-ware e-mail workshop being offered by The e-Writer's Place. Every day, for 31 days, one short Daily Write writing activity is delivered to writers signed up for this workshop.

DAILY WRITES is ideal for writers who are on a writing slump, feel blocked and can't write, or want to develop the habit of writing every day.

Over 4,500 writers worldwide have already taken DAILY WRITES since it was first offered on February 4, 2002.

If you wish to know more about DAILY WRITES, please visit http://dailywrites.com. That page contains all the necessary information on how you can begin taking DAILY WRITES for free if you are interested in taking it.

This e-mail is our first and last contact with you. On the DAILY WRITES page, we specifically state to contact only *once* the writers that [YOUR NAME] referred to us. Whether or not you take up our DAILY WRITES invitation, we hope you more writing success this year.


Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ
Creator, DAILY WRITES: 31 Days of Writing Bliss!

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